Cowboy right here in Minnesota

B is my cousin’s boy. But mostly he is a cowboy….well, and a national roping competitor, and a baseball pitcher…and a dirt biker, and an all around great guy! He wakes up around 5am to milk cows and and help out at a local farm to earn money for things like his REALLY big truck, dog and three horses (and I think they eat a lot). I had a great time working with B. Who wouldn’t? He is amazing. Truly, my heart is bursting with pride that I could be lucky enough to be related to this fantastic, talented, and incredibly handsome young man.

Oh, and roping BTW…yes, that would be a rope swung around and around over your head while staying on a galloping horse and trying lasso spunky little cows…then jumping off the still moving horse and throwing the cow to the ground while instructing his horse to pull back on the lasso and tying its legs securely….all at the same time. But he is really, really nice about it. hehe

this is one of his horses…I wanted to take her home.

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