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We cut them up!

We passed out the credit cards to each family member and began cutting. Oh my gosh what a fantastic freedom appointmentView full post »

my babies

I may have posted this before. It is from last summer. I ran across it while cleaning today. I am reminded of how quickView full post »

fun FIND

I came across this today while cleaning off my desktop.I am blessed to have you with me on this journey Deb!View full post »

WPPI 2009

WPPI my roommates…the best roommates one could ask for!View full post »

be a friend

“If this nice friendliness would spread about in Mordor, half our trouble would be over”Sam to Frodo fromView full post »

color makes me happy

While cleaning out a closet today I was reminded of one of my passions. Sewing. I am not sure if I really like sewing orView full post »

Bring out the brown bottles

When one of my darlings is feeling under the weather I give them a hot apple cider vinegar bath, rub tea tree oil onView full post »

Daily Audio Bible

I can have a meaningful conversation with my kids while I drive. I run with friends so that we can talk, encourage andView full post »

At the end of the game…..

I say no to playing Chess, mostly because it looks so haaaarrrd! I’m more of an Othello, Sequence, Scrabble kindaView full post »

I don’t know what I would do without my sister…

I was reminded of this yesterday. I love you Deb!View full post »

Gnome goes to Hawaii

I’ve never even been to Hawaii…now my Gnome is in Hawaii!! This is what he wrote: Greetings from Hawaii.  IView full post »