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shaking in my BOOTS!

R is a dear friend and one of the best photographers I know. Check her out HERE. It is always daunting to take picturesView full post »

Hi Fidelity!

My dear friend Robin has a new toy. She let me come over and play last week. If you know me you know I am ANTI-FLASH!View full post »

5 boys

my sweet bren….i don’t need to say anything, you know me.View full post »


Just loved speding the day with you guys! you know you are always welcome in our homeView full post »

i found a treasure

so i go to photo a new baby…and what do i find? not only the most beautiful little boy EVER, but then look atView full post »

Abby n Martha

It is so funny to me that as a mother crooked and missing teeth are so adorable. I should really be paying Margie forView full post »

the Nelson

This is my dearest running friend and her family. I could write pages about them, but I will keep it simple. Kathy justView full post »

my friend….SALLY:)

this is for my friend SALLY stopped by today to make my life a little better. she has that affect on people. thanksView full post »